Emily Does Science

27 year old embrologist living in the city.
Runner. Triathlete. Scientist.

About Me


My name is Emily and I’m a 24 year old grad student working towards a masters while living in DC. I absolutely love this city! I live with my boyfriend and a roommate just outside the DC limits.

I did a 5K in November that inspired me to look into longer races and get back in shape. I really started training in January. I mainly run on my own, but I joined a running group (woo Pacers!!).  Check my races page for my progress!

I’m also in the process of losing my “senioritis” weight from undergrad (~160lbs, circa 2009). The first 10lbs were easy, middle 10 are taking some work. I’ve been pretty set at 145-155 since I was about 15, so I’m trying to change that! Hoping to eventually be 130. I want to feel confident, fit, and in control of my body.

Follow me as I lose the weight, train for a marathon, do my research, and maybe even graduate…