Emily Does Science

Age: 26 Height: 5'3 Goal: 135-130 Highest: 160 Current: 140 Lost: 20

New Plan

I can’t run, but I’m not going to do nothing.

I’m being more strict with my eating since I’m burning way fewer calories. Today completes Day 2 of mindful, calorie counted eating. Tomorrow’s food is prepped and ready.

I am starting yoga and walking. This is weird and different. I miss running, but yoga is nice. I like the breathing. Debating joining the local yoga studio for a month while waiting for surgery to happen. I can check out a class for $5 and it’s less than a 10min walk from my house.

Not having huge amounts of cardio is a good time to refocus on the importance of diet and strength training. Hoping that losing a few, working the core, and building muscles will help put injury off after this chapter has closed.

Wedding shower this weekend, 3 weeks until dress fitting #2, Bachelorette Beach Party for Labor Day weekend, and 68 days until the wedding!

I need knee surgery and my phone screen broke.

I can’t text, scroll, etc…

Oh you care more about the knee? Ok then:

I have a cyst behind my kneecap right where the pain has been, so he believes removing said cyst will make the pain go away. Aug 12th, for 30 minutes, with 3-4 days of recovery.

bye bye marathon, bye bye running in July.

But I should be good to walk down the aisle and dance at our wedding and hike all over Peru on our honeymoon. 

Someone run some miles for me?

Results today…

Anxiously awaiting my afternoon appointment.
But on the bright side, chores are done, house is clean, dog is parked.
Watching goofy shows about baking cakes and thinking too much about food, running, mcm, and wedding stuff… I need to make more lists


6 mile walk (thought it would be 4 miles, oops!) followed by 35min of yoga for knees and hips!

Yoga felt good, thigh was hurting by the end of the walk. I had a good eating day too :)

I am realizing that I’ve been walking on the outside of my right foot, with my toe a little pointed in, so I’m trying to correct this while walking. I think trying to walk “properly” is why my thigh hurt… 

Tomorrow is dr, we’ll see how the MRI turned out!

^THIS. Found this gem on imgur and it’s totally true. every. time.

^THIS. Found this gem on imgur and it’s totally true. every. time.

45 Years Ago We Landed Men on the Moon

It’s time to go back.


Did you know MRI’s take like 30 minutes to do? I had no idea.

I also had no idea how loud they are, nor did I know that holding my knee in a stationary position for 30 minutes would be incredibly painful.

Currently doped up, and icing while elevated, to Orange is the new Black and awaiting whatever food appears when Dan comes home…