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Age: 26 Height: 5'3 Goal: 135-130 Highest: 160 Current: 140 Lost: 20

hump day

Somehow a very light day at work turned into a 4pm day instead of a 2:30 day. Oye. I am frustrated by people who know how to do their job but are trying to go fast so they get careless or forgetful and make simple mistakes they shouldn’t make. Scheduling person, I’m looking at you.

Dan is out having happy hour with his coworkers. He was going to cook dinner, but called and asked if he could go (called and asked! swoon!). Of course! Boy needs to hang out with not me more for both of our sakes! So instead, I’m making my mom’s chicken and rice casserole. I cannot wait!



I am overwhelmed with the donations that have come in so quickly! I am already half way to my goal!

  • My old running buddy Jesse gave me $100
  • My Aunt D gave me $50
  • Trish gave me $35
  • Matt gave me $35 (my first donor, bonus points!!)
  • Erica gave me $20

So, I have 240 donor miles to ride and I’ve hit 40 so far! 200 more to go :D

Keep bringing the miles! Donate here!!

Today, we run together.


Whether you prefer running in the morning or at night.

Whether you prefer running alone or with others.

Whether you’re new to running or you’ve been at it for years.

Whether you prefer running around the block or running marathons.

Whether you live somewhere warm or cold.

Whether you prefer Nike, Adidas, Brooks, Saucony, Asics, or any other shoe.

Today, we lace up and run together.

Today, we run for Boston.

(via daniellethesheep)

We never thought something like that would happen here.
Not on that day.
Not at that race.
We felt violated.
We all know someone who lives there, or came out to help in the med tents or water stations, or support from the sidelines. Or were running.
When the city locked down, we felt trapped.
When they were found, we felt relief.
We came together, started to heal and mourn.
A year ago, our community woke up to run what many feel is our Mecca. A right of passage.
In a week, we will do it again.
Only this time it will be bigger.
Security will be tighter, but only just.
The best of our sport are coming out to celebrate with everyone who is running.
The city is coming out to celebrate with us again.
We remember.
We won’t forget.
We will keep running.

GPOY. Eff off Monday. I’m done with you.
Wine, mexican food, GoT reruns, bed.

GPOY. Eff off Monday. I’m done with you.

Wine, mexican food, GoT reruns, bed.