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Been up since 4:30. Gave up on sleeping at 5. Went to the gym and got in a few more miles. I went longer and with less walking every half mile. I think I’m comfortable to try 2 miles without stopping this weekend.

Today’s errand: dentist

I will celebrate my mediocre flossing, new cavity, and reduced teeth grinding by making pizza tonight and going to Costco and spending too much money on plastic dinnerware.

Gym 9.15

I told myself I had to go to the gym because that was the closest bathroom. Ended up doing .75 mile followed by my weight circuit, twice. 1.5 miles brings me up to 3 miles in 4 days lol. It’s coming back though and I couldn’t be happier. I also uped the weight on all of my moves. Huzzah!

Lol yep. No chalkboards, no wedding.

Lol yep. No chalkboards, no wedding.

Today was brought to you by

Productivity and baking!

Banana walnut bread baking followed by blueberry walnut muffins. Whole wheat yo. I want to make some apple cinnamon ones too.

We some how ended up with 3 bags of bluebs in the freezer, a quart size bag of frozen banana slices, and a bag of mystery apples that neither of us purchased that are most likely left from with BIL/SIL/nephew visited a few weekends ago.

"Oh no, too much fruit" said no one ever.

Shout out to my BFF Laura

She is a psychologist and basically gave me an over the phone session last week. I had thrown up for 5 days and had nightmares every night, and we talked about why I might be stressing (wedding, obvs). She gave me some methods to talk through the worst case scenarios of things (none of which are actually bad at all, that would only piss me off, no one else).

I haven’t felt sick and no more nightmares since. I’ve also been able to tackle a bunch of “big” wedding details that I was putting off.

Thanks lady :D